AlienRoosterHead in SoundCloud!

It’s been a while since my latest article. I’m very much alive though and I’ve been very active with something that first started out as a simple side project in means to learn C#, but what I’m now having at hands is another lifework in addition to SUNREAL. No further details yet about the game project itself as everything is at too early stage for any sensible public revelations, but as a sneak peek and teaser, here’s some music I’ve made recently:

EDIT: The soundtrack is now complete with 13 tracks of sci-fi/cyberpunk/techwave soundscapes. =)

PS. All songs made with FL Studio 20 Producer Edition and using TuneFish VST plugin for my own custom samples.


Logo in Action

Started out as testing, ended up with something simple yet useful that I’m definitely happy about. My AlienRoosterHead logo now as a POV-Ray animation and in slightly pixelated moods of the mid-90’s and thereabouts when the pre-rendered graphics started to hit the games of the time. A bit different color scheme this time compared to SUNREAL, but this one is for future use on another project/game idea that I’ll get deeper into in my blog later when the time is right. =)

Fungal Tech Particle

”Proceeding to the stars and beyond derived from discovering the merging of organic data from the lifeforms on our homeworld to synthetic structures of the Resource that became the most valuable essence after ourselves. Together we healed, evolved and advanced.”


It’s been a while since I posted anything last time. Been having somewhat hectic times at work, and that combined with intensive kung fu training has taken a lot of my time and energy for weeks and even months as of late. But I’m still here, well and alive and creating my usual stuff. =)

Or perhaps not as well as I could really be. A couple of weeks ago I had an accident in training during some normal warm-up sparring, and last Thursday I was in a hand surgery. As a result from hitting the focus mitts a bit too intensively, one tendon on my right hand thumb ripped off together with a small fragment of bone. Along the surgery both are now anchored back to their places and I’m recovering well and feeling quite ok, even though means of channeling my creativity are limited for quite a while now. Luckily my left hand is still functioning normally, so at least I can do POV without major difficulties and to keep my moods up and mind active.

The original image in 1280 x 720 resolution can be found in the POV-Ray Newsgroups.


The rooster has been my personal symbol throughout my whole life. It all started with a plush rooster toy that I got as a xmas present from my mother back in ’82, and ever since the theme has followed with me here and there over the years, eg. in my drawings, as a tattoo on my left arm, and finally as a source of inspiration for SUNREAL. Even though not as clear or distinguishable, certain bird-like features on the characters/lifeforms all derive from the rooster in me. Now, as I’ve tended to draw a small rooster head to accompany my signature on greeting cards, guest books etc. for as long as I can remember, I finally decided to give it a SUNREAL treatment and bring it into my graphics and game project as well.

Along this new logo, my artist & developer label henceforth is ”AlienRoosterHead”.





Avianoid & Upgrades

”From fungal origins in the liquid depths through amphibian ways of life to
avian lifeforms taking over the skies before making its way even further to the


Finally got my new workstation up and running. Rocking a brand new Threadripper 1950X 3,4 GHz and 32 GB RAM inside. The latest image took 1d 07h 03m 22s to render, and I don’t even want to think about those many days it would have taken with my old FX-8350 machine. The CPU temperature seems to cap at 68 °C during rendering, so I’m happy with the Kraken X62 liquid cooling as well.

Also upgraded my old Corel X3 license to the Graphics Suite 2017. Had I waited around 3 weeks longer, I could have got the version 2018 that was released just 5 days ago. =D

The original image in 1280 x 720 resolution can be found in the POV-Ray Newsgroups.


To open my workflow and use of programs to some extent, my main software is POV-Ray that I’ve been into since ’93. All final scenes are built and rendered with POV, and especially all planetary images are done solely using the POV scene description language (SDL). My nr. one modeller is TopMod which is a nice and small topological mesh modeller that I’ve used in all organic looking and ”loopy” models (creatures, ships, constructs). For further subdivisions I use Wings 3D, as for some reason it has given me the best results so far in that purpose. Some geometry adjustments here and there has been done in Silo 2 Pro. Not every model needs such fixing, but it’s a good piece of software to have at hands when needed anyway. All my external models are saved in .obj format and I’ve used PoseRay for .obj to .inc conversions for the final scene setups in POV. For adding text or lines on the images I use Corel Photo Paint X3. I could perhaps buy a newer version at some point though.. No post-processing done on the images otherwise. My aim has always been to get the best and finest possible results from POV itself.

For building up the actual game engine, structure and system I’m going to use GameMaker Studio 2. Still learning but getting there. Of course, as a backup plan I’m also having a mostly functional beta level game engine coded in QB64, so in case everything else fails, that’s my route to salvation.

(Oh, and for the animation posted earlier, the images from POV were put together with Veedub64.)