To open my workflow and use of programs to some extent, my main software is POV-Ray that I’ve been into since ’93. All final scenes are built and rendered with POV, and especially all planetary images are done solely using the POV scene description language (SDL). My nr. one modeller is TopMod which is a nice and small topological mesh modeller that I’ve used in all organic looking and ”loopy” models (creatures, ships, constructs). For further subdivisions I use Wings 3D, as for some reason it has given me the best results so far in that purpose. Some geometry adjustments here and there has been done in Silo 2 Pro. Not every model needs such fixing, but it’s a good piece of software to have at hands when needed anyway. All my external models are saved in .obj format and I’ve used PoseRay for .obj to .inc conversions for the final scene setups in POV. For adding text or lines on the images I use Corel Photo Paint X3. I could perhaps buy a newer version at some point though.. No post-processing done on the images otherwise. My aim has always been to get the best and finest possible results from POV itself.

For building up the actual game engine, structure and system I’m going to use GameMaker Studio 2. Still learning but getting there. Of course, as a backup plan I’m also having a mostly functional beta level game engine coded in QB64, so in case everything else fails, that’s my route to salvation.

(Oh, and for the animation posted earlier, the images from POV were put together with Veedub64.)




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