Fungal Tech Particle

”Proceeding to the stars and beyond derived from discovering the merging of organic data from the lifeforms on our homeworld to synthetic structures of the Resource that became the most valuable essence after ourselves. Together we healed, evolved and advanced.”


It’s been a while since I posted anything last time. Been having somewhat hectic times at work, and that combined with intensive kung fu training has taken a lot of my time and energy for weeks and even months as of late. But I’m still here, well and alive and creating my usual stuff. =)

Or perhaps not as well as I could really be. A couple of weeks ago I had an accident in training during some normal warm-up sparring, and last Thursday I was in a hand surgery. As a result from hitting the focus mitts a bit too intensively, one tendon on my right hand thumb ripped off together with a small fragment of bone. Along the surgery both are now anchored back to their places and I’m recovering well and feeling quite ok, even though means of channeling my creativity are limited for quite a while now. Luckily my left hand is still functioning normally, so at least I can do POV without major difficulties and to keep my moods up and mind active.

The original image in 1280 x 720 resolution can be found in the POV-Ray Newsgroups.


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