UI Screen Preview

The user interface will be minimal just like the keyboard-only controls. The images are located on the top left in the UI grid, the alternatives are numbered from 1-5 depending on location and actions available on the bottom left, the examinations, narrations and other story related texts appear on the top right, and the bottom right area is reserved for additional info such as newly discovered locations, recently initiated actions or received items to make it easier to keep track on what has been done already and what should be done next.


Fractured Destination

Although there will be only still images in SUNREAL, last year I made a test animation of one of the locations in-game just for fun and to try out some ideas for possible future uses. Who knows, perhaps there will be also animations coming up later on.

(On a more technical note, the animation is a quick and rough test on the clock variable in POV-Ray. Zooming in to an isosurface object surrounded by a scattering media with emission. The scene includes also radiosity, focal blur and fiddling around with the camera angle. The animation consists of 2 separate parts combined.)

The SUNREAL Project

SUNREAL is a humble indie game project that I started back in 2013. It is a journey of an unknown lifeform confronting unexpected events and finding distant locations, and where ray-traced graphics meet an alternative-based text mechanics, resulting in a laid-back and serene gaming experience through isolation, loneliness, exploration and discovery.

PS. This project is a hobby for rainy days and is thus building up slowly yet steadily. By now there’s plenty of texts, images and ideas even for 2 sequels already, so this project surely is here to stay. No release dates yet available though. It will be free of charge nonetheless. More info and images coming up as the development goes on and this blog starts to get rollin’ properly.